Chris is the author of I Am Not Alone the record breaking short story sold to Netflix.  Misha Green has attached to write the script, direct and produce. Jessica Chastain attached to star and produce. Simon Kinberg producing.

His story “All You Can Eat” is currently in development as a television series by Wonder Worldwide and Big Light Productions.

His stories have been read by millions of readers on Reddit’s NoSleep where they are among the most popular stories of all time. 

As a screenwriter, he made the quarterfinals of the 2022 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship and was selected to the 2020 Bloodlist.

For business inquiries, please contact his manager Peter Katz at


How to Summon the Butter Street Hitchhiker

A driver picks up a ghost hitchhiker from urban legend who can answer any question if you drive him to his destination.

My Sleep Paralysis Demon is Actually a Pretty Chill Guy

A girl’s lifelong bond with her sleep paralysis demon is tested when her life choices lead her down the wrong path.

I Taught Myself How to Fly

Fear of flying drives a woman to unlock superhuman abilities buried in the unconscious mind.

Impostor Syndrome

A writer’s coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety manifests into an alternate personality who fights for control of his mind when a demonic presence appears in his hotel room.

Never Trust a Spell You Found On Pinterest

Two bumbling friends unwittingly summon a supernatural force to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend.

The Coward’s Crucifix

A bartender running from his past meets a mysterious stranger who teaches him a card game that could change his life, or end it.

If you can see this, it is very important that you keep reading.

A desperate attempt to help a person who doesn’t realize they’re trapped in a simulated reality.


The Butter Street Hitchhiker

A troubled driver must survive a supernatural road trip after picking up the ghost hitchhiker of a local urban legend.

Elsinore Manor


A young mother retreats to her family’s estate after her husband’s death. But when thieves break in searching for her late husband’s stolen fortune, they discover a terrifying secret.