Ear Rumbling

Tensor_tympani-muscleEar Rumbling is the voluntary control of your Tensor Tympani muscle in your ears. I never knew this was a rare ability, I’ve been ear rumbling ever since I was a kid. Back in my younger days I would do it during class thinking that it was the beginning stages of telekinesis and that if I concentrated hard enough I could move things with my mind (I got bored in school a lot). I never managed to make anything move with my mind, no matter how hard I was rumbling my ears.

If I do it for too long it gives me a slight ache behind my eyes because I have to strain some of the muscles in my neck and face to make it work with my eyes open.

Now that I think about it, I must’ve looked pretty stupid in class, straining my face and neck as I stared at the pencil sharpener in Mrs. Gordon’s class in third grade, trying to make that damn handle spin.


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