Huh, this is still here

I still have a website. I intended to let the domain name and hosting expire since I haven’t made good use of my online presence (blogging just isn’t what it used to be a decade ago). Before I could cancel, both auto-renewed for another year. So here it is, and here I am.

Although I haven’t been online, I have been quite busy. Allow me to list them all via bullet points:

  • I have a second cat (Professor Wynter Mittens, or Mitzy for short)
  • I bought a house (currently nameless… do people name their houses?)
  • I have been on stage acting with a theater group
  • I have written sketches for the same theater group
  • I went kayaking
  • I sang karaoke
  • I took ballroom dancing lessons

Oh and two other things:

  • I won a writing contest for the first chapter of my still incomplete novel
  • I sold a script that is being turned into a short film

The last two came about through Reddit. I won a first chapter contest last December in the /r/writingprompts group.  For the second, I posted a script on Reddit and a production company contacted me about filming it.

The second one has me stoked. It’s my first paid writing gig. Sure I’ve won contests, but never a legit paid writing offer. I’d be more stoked about the first one if I could finish the damn book, but I digress.

I mostly write for myself, it’s what keeps me sane. Plus I enjoy the process of pulling stories out of thin air. I have always wanted to get paid to write but a) never knew how to go about it b) always been too busy to put my whole ass into it vs. half assing it, and c) realizing (b) is a shitty excuse and what I’m really afraid of is putting in too much effort and still failing.

Actually, it’s just (c). Maybe I’m a perfectionist, maybe I’m a realist, maybe I’m still in my head sorting things out after all the changes in my life the past four years. But after a modicum of success in writing (winning a contest, selling a script, hearing crowds laugh when sketches I’ve written are performed on stage), maybe that fear of failing is unjustified. Maybe it’s time to buckle down and throw my whole ass into this and see what happens.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted in two months when I remember I still have a website. Actually, better make that four months.

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