(The About Page… I never know if this should be treated like an origin story or something that could be converted into an obituary simply by changing the tense of the verbs. Perhaps a blend of the two is the best approach to take.)

Chris was born and raised near Dayton, Ohio, a city famous for the Wright Brothers, Erma Bombeck, and secretly harboring alien corpses. He attended Capital University, where he studied chemistry and played football, losing thirty-one games and breaking his hand three times. After his fingers healed, Chris began writing in his spare time  while raising two daughters and holding down a day job in the chemistry field.

Chris is an award winning screenwriter and author of viral short horror fiction. His stories have been read by millions of readers on Reddit’s NoSleep and are among the most popular stories of all time. Two of his works have been optioned – one for adaptation as a graphic novel, the other for adaptation as a television series.

In 2020, Chris was selected to The Bloodlist for his short script The Butter Street Hitchhiker.

Chris currently resides just outside of Cincinnati with his wife and their 4 dogs and 4 cats.