A crow visited me one morning as I was drinking my coffee. He cawed to me as sat on the top of the split rail fence behind my house, bobbing his head as he watched me through the back window.

Can crows see through glass? It seems like something you would know. You’re such an animal lover.

I read that if you leave them food, they will bring you little gifts to say thanks.

I started by offering him a handful of shelled peanuts in a small bowl on a table on my back porch.

After I was back inside, he flew over and pecked at the shells. When he was finished, he cawed to me through the window and flew away.

I found a small plastic button in the dish when I came home from work that evening.

The next morning there were two crows on the split rail fence behind my house. They bobbed their shiny black heads as they cawed for their breakfast.

Did you know that crows eat meat? You probably knew that from watching those Planet Earth specials on Netflix. I had to look it up.

That evening, my two new friends left a piece of broken glass, a rusty old thimble, and a plastic army man in the bowl on my back porch. The bones were still on the plate, but they picked them clean.

See how I’m making friends now? And to think you said I didn’t belong in the world. You were wrong about a lot of things.

By the end of the week, I had five crows sitting on the split rail fence waiting for me in the morning. Can you believe it? Five new friends, all for me. When I walk outside to feed them, they fly over now to greet me.

My friends, they aren’t afraid of me! They don’t run away from me. They don’t scream. They don’t hide or shirk from my touch when I run my hand down the side of their face.

Do you understand? They love me. They don’t call me a monster. They understand what I do for them. How I care for them and look after them. They would never want to leave me. Their love is unconditional.

Unlike yours. False. Fake.

Every morning when I set out the plates they eat so heartily, their beaks stained with blood as they tear bits of flesh from the bone. My birds, my friends, always pick the bones clean. Not a single scrap wasted.

Ten crows joined me for breakfast today, I had to go back for more just to make sure I had enough.

And they’re so grateful! So many buttons, trinkets, and coins in payment. I don’t need to teach them any lessons.

I wish you could’ve looked at me the way my new friends do. That’s what I wanted.

But we both know that’s not possible; I fed them your eyes this morning.

What do you think they’ll bring me for them?