My Sleep Paralysis Demon is Actually A Pretty Chill Guy
A girl forms a bond with her sleep paralysis demon, but their relationship is tested when her real-life problems lead her down the wrong path.
– #35 all time on Reddit’s Nosleep
– 400+ Reddit user awards
– voted Best Story September 2020

If you can see this, it is very important that you keep reading
Please remain calm, everything is under control. However, it’s very important that you read this immediately. 
 – #11 all time most popular story on Reddit’s NoSleep

How to Summon The Butter Street Hitchhiker
A driver picks up a ghost hitchhiker from urban legend who can answer any question if you drive him to his destination.
– voted Best Story October 2018 on Reddit’s NoSleep
– short script adaptation selected to the 2020 Bloodlist

I taught myself how to fly.
A woman’s fear of flying drives her to unlock hidden abilities in her unconscious mind.

The Coward’s Crucifix
A bartender running from his past meets a mysterious stranger who teaches him a card game that could change his life, or end it.

Never trust a spell you found on Pinterest.
An Instagram Influencer resorts to witchcraft to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

Remembering How To Whistle
An elderly man suffering from dementia recalls the story about the last time he whistled at his wife.
50+ Reddit user awards
– runner up for Best Story January 2020 on Reddit’s NoSleep

The Final Confession of Reginald Davies, the Butcher of Broad Street
A serial killer leaves a death-row confession about a supernatural encounter he had one night while out hunting.

If you want to catch a predator, you have to behave like prey
An outcall stripper tries to find the man who wronged her by tailoring her performance to his specific desires.
– Runner-up Best Story under 500 votes 2019

This is Hell, After All
After arriving in Hell, a man learns that it’s not running like a well-oiled machine because Satan is an unattentive, awful boss.

That does it, I’m never going camping again
After swallowing an insect on a camping trip, a man develops an awful toothache.

I found where my cat has been taking all of my hair ties
A woman uncovers a sinister secret when she follows her cat one night after it leaves her apartment with one of her hair ties.

Impostor Syndrome
A writer’s coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety manifests into an alternate personality who fights for control of his mind.

They’re All Mine
An argument turns violent when a husband won’t let his wife pop a pimple on his back.

The Crows Are My Friends Now
A man is rewarded by crows when he leaves them little bits of food, but where is the food coming from?